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Support West ISD School Board

August 15, 2014

Eventually, every leader faces a problem for which there is no perfect solution. He knows that regardless of what choice he makes there will be negative reactions and perhaps even painful consequences. And yet, he accepts the responsibility of making that decision and leads the group toward a resolution.

As a board, you have been faced with a relentless series of those impossible problems. Time and time again you have been forced to solve problems that have no perfect solution. In each case, you wrestled with the problem, sorted through all of the options, talked through all of the related issues, and then settled on your decision. Even when you knew that some people would be unhappy with the decision, you made the decision that you thought was best for our school district. Each time an impossible problem presented itself and forced you to make one of those difficult decisions, you made that decision based on what would provide the best education for the children in the West ISD.

Tonight, I want you to hear that there are people in our community who are deeply grateful for the countless hours that you have put in and the tremendous personal sacrifices that you have made for our children this past year. While everyone will not agree with every decision, please know that many of us appreciate your willingness to serve and we respect the motives with which you make your decisions.

Unfortunately, real leadership is not easy. It can be frustrating and exhausting. It can even be lonely at times. Please know that you do have support. Whether we like every decision you make or not, we do care about you and your families. Rest assured that you are in our prayers. Thank you for all you have done for our community and our children. Keep on working through the tough times. Keep on wrestling with the difficult decisions. Keep on finding ways to provide the best possible education for the children in our district. And let us know how we can help you accomplish that goal.

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  1. Keith Reid permalink

    Wonderful, well thought and encouraging words. Again I say, I am proud to call you friend. God is good and West is blessed!


  2. Sarah Groppe permalink

    It’s so great to see something positive after hearing all the bad. Our town suffered devistation. It was amazing to see everyone come together and help out total strangers. It sickens me to see how quickly it all fell apart over a single issue. I graduated from West High in 2010 and it broke my heart to see that building being torn down. I understand that citizens of West don’t want to see the now Middle School being torn down but we have a budget and we have priorities. Our school board can only please so many people. I believe they are all doing the best that they can given the circumstances. We all need to remind ourselves what is important in life and come together as a community again.


    • Thanks Sarah! I read this the day you posted it, but I had some computer problems and could not approve it right away. I’m sorry it took me while to do that.


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