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Family Matters

May 9, 2014

Family Matters

When I preach I like to speak about topics that will relate to most of the people in the room. That’s why I don’t speak about family issues very much. We have so many different kinds of families. We have married couples, divorced people, single folks, people who lost their spouse, and students who are not yet ready for marriage. We have some adults who do not have children, some who have kids, some have grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or even great-great-grandchildren. We are a diverse community, which is a sign of a healthy church.

If I speak about parenting, some will feel left out. If I speak about marriage, some might feel the message is not for them. So I usually don’t speak about family issues that much because I know I can’t address everyone at once.

However, I feel very strongly that the church must address the family. The Bible is full of valuable instruction for families, and the church should teach the Bible. Furthermore, some in our society are working hard at redefining “family” and teaching their version of “family values.” Since there are so many other voices out there talking about family, the church cannot, and must not remain silent!

For these reasons, I feel led to talk about family for the next few weeks. Our new series, “Family Matters” will begin on Mother’s Day and conclude on Father’s Day. During those six weeks, we will talk about healthy families, marriage, and parenting.

If the topic for a certain Sunday does not seem to apply to you, I encourage you come and worship with us anyway. You may hear something that you can pass down to future generations or pass along to friends and neighbors. You also may hear something that prepares you for the future or allows you to express gratitude for blessings in your past. I assure you, we will all grow through this experience, and it will strengthen us as a church family if we learn and grow together! Join us each Sunday at 10:15, because “Family Matters!”

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