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On The Brink Of Glory

February 14, 2019

Most of her life has been an uphill climb, and today she stands atop a great precipice, on the brink of glory.

Lenora Crowder was born into a family of modest means, yet she spent most of her life educating, guiding, and investing in others. As a young lady she cared for her husband through a terminal illness and at age 37 she was a widow with 4 children. Rearing them alone was certainly a daunting task, but she faced that challenge the same way she faced every challenge — with strength and dignity.

She was incredibly strong, always courageous, and fiercely independent. It was those traits that enabled her to continue her climb over great obstacles and through terrific challenges, all the way to peak. The trail ends there, so her journey must end there as well. Ironically, it is those same traits of strength, courage, and independence that make her linger there. She continues to fight her battle; to make her own way; even though there is no more ground to be gained.

For most of this week she has remained at the end of that trail. The next step for her will be the one that carries her off that precipice and into a new reality. She stands on the brink of glory. She blazed her own trail and finished her journey with dignity. Now, those who know her best and love her most are ready to celebrate with her as she takes that final step — that leap of faith.

Today she stands at the brink of glory. Tomorrow she will stand in the midst of it. May tomorrow come quickly.


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  1. Shawn Hunt permalink

    Sweet Mother John! Your a lucky guy
    Shawn Hunt


  2. Bob Martin permalink

    Beautiful tribute to your mom.

    John since the time when we moved to West, I’ve always considered you a special friend and because of that I want you to know that your family has been in our prayers and thoughts. Our prayer is that the God of comfort be with the Crowder family.

    Like Paul said “He fought the fight, He had finished his course he had kept the faith and there was a crown of righteousness awaiting him.”

    Your Mother has fought the fight, she’s kept the and now she’s awaiting her crown.”


  3. Ann Crumpton permalink

    John, I learned from experience that the day God sets her free for life everlasting will be truly both bitter and sweet.


  4. Laura Lankford permalink

    Mrs. crowder was a great teacher! She was my science teacher at Lake Air Junior Hugh School. Then later we were reacquainted when she was working st Baylor. I appreciated her in two very different roles; one strict disciplinarian and then later, very outgoing, friendly counselor. I never knew her sacrifices. We are losing a great woman, but Heaven is gaining a great servant! ❤️
    Thank you Mrs. Crowder for your contribution to my life!
    Laura Lankford


  5. Lynn Allen permalink

    Wha a wonderful woman! I’m so glad she “adopted” me and kept me in line. 😊


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