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The Savior Died

April 4, 2017

The first line is not original. It is often heard from the pulpits of African American congregations. It is that line, however, that inspired the poem:



They hung Him high and stretched Him wide
His Father turned away and His mother cried
His enemies mocked Him and His friend stood beside
The crowd cheered and the soldiers jeered, but He never replied
False leaders were relieved and faithful followers were terrified
A perfect sacrifice was required and only He was qualified
The Lamb was slain and God’s wrath was satisfied
The sun went out and darkness was applied
They ripped His body and pierced His side
One thief believed and the other denied
Angels wept and demons tried to hide
Sin was atoned and sinners justified
So men could live, the Savior died


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  1. Lisa Crowder permalink

    Love it!!!


  2. Lenora Crowder permalink

    Beautifully written!


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