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Gunshots and a Helicopter

September 17, 2015

It was Labor Day weekend and I was working outside in the flowerbeds. I had my earbuds in as I listened to an audio book on my cell phone. I thought I heard something so I took out the earbuds and realized that I was hearing gunshots. Soon a helicopter flew over my neighborhood. Over the next few minutes I heard more gunshots and watched the helicopter circle over our neighborhood a number of times.

Gunshots nearby and a helicopter circling overhead would have been scary if I lived in a big city, but I don’t. I live in West. Actually I live just on the edge of town. Where I live, gunshots on Labor Day weekend just mean it’s dove season. And a helicopter circling over town on that particular weekend just means West Fest is having another successful year and folks are enjoying their sightseeing flights over our great little town.

It was good to be reminded of just how blessed my neighbors and I really are.


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