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What I Have Not Lost

September 22, 2013

We say that our disaster happened on April 17, but that’s not completely accurate. Yes, our disaster happened in an instant, but it feels like it just keeps coming in waves. There is just one challenge after another. Over these past few months we have all lost a great deal. Last night I was thinking about what I have lost and what I haven’t lost.

I have lost my house.
I have lost some furniture, some clothes, some personal belongings.
I have lost some friends.
I have lost my appetite, and the ability to sleep at night.
I have lost my patience and I have lost my temper.
I have lost my routine and the comfort that came with that routine.
I have lost my ability to focus at times.
I have lost the chance to get my injured knee fixed any time soon.
I have lost some of my pride when people said negative things about me.
I have lost a lot of tears and a little more hair.
I have lost a lot. Some of what I lost I will get back, and some will be lost forever.

But there is a lot that I have not lost.
I never lost sight of what’s really important, and how blessed I am to have my family.
I never lost my faith in God or the confidence that God is good and West is blessed.
I never lost hope that someday we will rebuild and be stronger and better than ever.
I never lost my integrity or my commitment to this church and this community.
I never lost trust in our deacons or staff.
I never lost my gratitude or the ability to rejoice in the Lord.
And through it all, I never lost the love of my Heavenly Father – and neither have you!

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  1. Fantastic post, as simple as it seems. Thank you for sharing! Continued prayers for all – be blessed!


  2. Heather P. permalink

    Thank you. This was a great reminder of all that we have to be grateful for.


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